Something old, something new

Doing a PhD is a bit like getting married: it’s a big commitment. Jonny explains, with a little help from an old wedding rhyme.

Something old

A PhD begins with history. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel so the first thing to do is assess what research has already been done, when, where and by whom. It means reading widely and deeply on the immediate subject matter you’re interested in – in my case snow leopards – as well as other related material. For me that includes previous work on other big cats species, carnivores and large animals, as well as research on agriculture, mountains, rural development and conservation governance (the different models for managing natural resources such as wildlife). All of that adds up a lot of documents that need sifting. My PhD proposal, which is a plan of how I’ll do my research, has around 365 references. The final thesis will have many more. Continue reading

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