Meet the team

The team

Jonny Hanson

Jonny is a conservationist who grew in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, and Malawi, Africa. He is interested in the relationships between people and nature generally, and in mountains, wild cats, farming and sustainable development specifically. Previously a PhD researcher at the University of Cambridge, Jonny currently runs a community farm in Northern Ireland and is an Associate of the Snow Leopard Conservancy.


Maurice Schutgens

Maurice is a Dutch conservation biologist who specialises in human-wildlife conflict. He also grew up in Malawi, and Uganda, and has travelled extensively in Africa and South America. A keen photographer, Maurice took most of the photos on our Flickr account.


Niki Shrestha

Niki is a tourism specialist from Kathmandu, Nepal. Educated in India and the Netherlands, she has worked in human resources, the tourism sector and as a research assistant on another PhD project. When she’s not conducting household questionnaires, Niki can be found reading beside the stove.


Rinzin P Lama

Rinzin is a native of Nepal’s Himalayan Humla region. A forester by training, who has just finished his BSc degree, he would like to specialise in wildlife conservation and the illegal wildlife trade. When he’s not carrying out household surveys, and even when he is, Rinzin can be heard waxing lyrical about the twin loves of his life: pika and pallas cats.


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