Money money money


It’s a rich man’s world. At least it seems that way if snow leopards have eaten your livestock and your’re not getting compensated by those you think have all the money.

50% of the people like…[the park authority]…,50% of the people don’t like it. There is a lot of budget with…[them]…and the locals don’t see it being utilised well and therefore the many locals don’t like…[the park authority]. They perceive that the entrance fee goes to staff salaries. Re: the compensation scheme, people think it’s unnecessary to insure as the…[compensation]…is so small. [Nearby]…4 herders didn’t get any compensation from the insurance scheme so they became angry and the scheme is not working there.

# Interview 1

People have received compensation when livestock was killed in in-house corrals, [but] no one received any compensation for livestock losses in the high pastures as it’s very difficult to gather proof in the high pastures. [The park authority are]…only concerned with villages close to their office. High in the pastures they don’t care and farmers can’t leave their herds in the pastures to come and complain – they never receive compensation.

# Interview 2

People are not too happy with…[the park authority]…in regards to snow leopard conservation. They have too many rules and regulations but they are not too efficient in carrying out these rules and regulations.

# Interview 3

People have received [compensation]. Not sure about the amount but it’s <10% [of the animal’s value] and the application process is easy.

# Interview 4

Locals have threatened…[the park authority]…that if the compensation scheme is not improved they will kill the snow leopards.

# Interview 5

[There’s]…no compensation. Locals blame…[the park authority]…for not helping but they should blame the government for only funding snow leopard research projects and not putting money in the compensation fund. The process is also too difficult for locals.

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