Trouble in paradise

The mixed blessings of new roads and increasing tourist numbers for Himalayan communities.

# Interview 1

There are bigger problems than snow leopard conservation. The…[park]…is being ruined by roads and pollution – tourism is the main livelihood and…[the park authority]…does nothing. Soon nobody will come to trek except the Israelis who want everything for free.

# Interview 2

The river…is too polluted to use.

# Interview 3

[Livestock are being lost from] eating plastic.

#Interview 4

Eating of rubbish…[is]…leading to infection and death…[in livestock].

# Interview 5

The health post…caters to minor health problems and for major problems locals go either to Pokhara or to Kathmandu. The road is improving access in medical emergencies; previously a helicopter was necessary.


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