Mixed signals

Snow leopards: it seems you either love ’em or hate ’em, or are maybe somewhere in-between. The quotes of the day…

# Interview 1

The locals are happy with the measures as they understand conservation now, its only the ban of killing the snow leopard they don’t understand as the animal is troubling local people a lot. The only conflict is the ‘no kill’ rule – why can’t they kill it? – their livelihood is derived from livestock which the leopard kills. What can they do? Why is…[the park authority]…protecting it? Punishment for killing snow leopard is 5 years in jail and 100,000 rupees [US$ 1,000] fine.

#Interview 2

They should make large zoos like in London/Japan/New York – then it will be ok to have the snow leopard in the future. Wild populations are not good.

# Interview 3

People are very positive towards snow leopard. Before they wanted it killed, now after…[park authority]…awareness programmes people want to conserve it.

# Interview 4

Regarding firewood, it’s not a matter of one or two days but it has to be sustained for generations to come: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. The same with a resource like snow leopards. It’s necessary for sustaining their livelihoods and conserving the national park.

# Interview 5

Some people – those without livestock – are positive but some people – those who have lost livestock – are negative because it kills livestock. They don’t support killing it but they are not happy. I am neutral towards snow leopard – there are both good and bad sides to the snow leopard.

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