Take their teeth out

The quote of the day from otherwise mind-numbing interview analysis.

Q. Should a population of blue sheep [a species of wild sheep] be translocated/moved to Sagartmatha National Park to reduce snow leopard predation on livestock?

A. Translocation of blue sheep is not a solution; there are plenty of himalayan thar [a species of wild goat] and deer and still the snow leopard eats livestock.  It’s because we take care of our livestock and feed them good grass and cooked meals with salt.  Salted meat it good to eat and therefore the snow leopard would eat livestock anyway.  Wild animals don’t have natural salts.  Also, the blue sheep can climb onto cliffs and run quickly and therefore the snow leopard will still choose livestock prey.  The snow leopard won’t be able to catch the blue sheep.  They should remove all the teeth of the snow leopard.


One response to “Take their teeth out

  1. Gareth Davison

    Love it.

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